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The art of eating healthier for less

Last reviewed:
January 9, 2024
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January 9, 2026

We often hear the saying, "You are what you eat," and there's profound truth in those words. Just like a car's performance depends on the fuel it gets; your body's output is influenced by what you feed it. Your diet plays a pivotal role in everything from energy levels to cellular growth. In this guide, we explore how you can adopt a healthier lifestyle through mindful choices about the food you buy, eat and cook, all without breaking the bank.

Understanding your lifestyle for better choices

Your lifestyle serves as the compass for making informed decisions about your dietary choices. Whether you're leading an active, on-the-go life or enjoying a more relaxed pace, understanding your weekly routine helps identify your body's needs. Staying hydrated is a universal key and fresh water is your ally in this quest for wellbeing.

Strategic planning for a healthier plate

Once you've grasped the rhythm of your lifestyle, planning your meals becomes a strategic affair. Consider the number of meals at home or work, potential dining out occasions and the snacks needed in between. Planning reduces unnecessary impulse purchases and curtails frequent supermarket runs, ensuring better control over your total spend.

Building a stockpile of non-perishable essentials, such as canned and dried goods, proves cost-effective and nutritious. Frozen fruits and vegetables, occupying your freezer space, offer a budget-friendly alternative to their fresh counterparts while maintaining nutritional value.

Decoding supermarket offers: a balancing act

Supermarkets entice shoppers with enticing offers, but are these deals truly beneficial? Consider if you genuinely need the discounted items or if you're swayed by the allure of a bargain. Beware of unplanned expenses triggered by these seemingly good deals. Explore daily discounted offers on items nearing their best-before date—they are safe for consumption and can be frozen or cooked immediately.

Balancing indulgences for a holistic diet

Adopting a healthier diet aligned with your lifestyle doesn't mean bidding farewell to guilty pleasures. The key lies in balancing indulgences with healthier options. Savouring treats over multiple days can be more rewarding than consuming them in one sitting. Embrace the art of mindful eating and turn every meal into an experience.

Supplementing your diet: a personalised approach

For most, a diverse diet should suffice for nutritional needs. However, individual circumstances may necessitate supplements. If you follow specific lifestyle choices, have food allergies or medical conditions, consulting your pharmacist or GP is essential. They can guide you on suitable supplementation or recommend specialist advice from a dietitian or nutritionist.

Embracing a healthier diet on a budget

A healthier diet need not be synonymous with deprivation or increased costs. With thoughtful planning and home cooking, opting for healthier items can often be more cost-effective. Enjoying the things you love while nourishing your body is not only achievable but also sustainable. Discover the art of eating healthier for less with our practical tips.

Adopting a healthier diet doesn’t need to mean missing out on the things you love, nor does it need to be any more costly. In fact, it can often end up being more cost effective to choose healthier items and essentials if you do a little planning and home cooking.  

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